On the teacher environment of our website, you will find the keys, test papers, audio and video files, and other materials related to the educational materials you purchase from us. This access is included when you purchase our respective products (Alquin Magazine, the special editions, Alquin Grammar Rules OK!!, and our Literature series).
The Alquin Archives is a separate digital learning environment where you can find 100+ texts from the archives of Alquin Magazine. It's a wonderful environment that lends itself for differentiation or for selecting specific texts that align with your curriculum.
What is the difference between Alquin Magazine and the special editions?
For Alquin Magazine's special editions, known as the themed issues, we carefully curate relevant texts within specific themes that captivate and resonate with the young audience. Unlike the regular Alquin Magazines, these special editions will remain available for the upcoming school years, with new titles introduced each year. This means you can soon choose from a splendid selection of themed issues, allowing you to decide annually which themes will be featured in your classrooms. The texts in these themed issues come with the same comprehensive, didactic package you've come to expect from our regular Alquin Magazines. Just like the regular issues, the themed editions are available in two variants: Intermediate (featuring texts at CEFR A2 and B1 levels) and Advanced (with texts at CEFR B2 and C1 levels). Elevate your classroom experience with our engaging and educational themed editions!
Is it possible to receive some sample materials?
Certainly. Please contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you!


Will my subscription to Alquin Magazine be automatically renewed?
No, the subscriptions conclude at the end of each school year. We welcome a new order for the upcoming school year.
Can I purchase an individual subscription to Alquin Magazine?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase a single subscription. For schools in the Netherlands, we have a minimum requirement of 30 subscriptions, and for schools in Belgium, we have a minimum requirement of 20 subscriptions.

Logging in and accessibility

Where can I find my school code?
You can find your school code on the packing slips or invoices you receive from Alquin. If you are unable to locate the school code or if you would like to request a new school code, you can submit a request through the form on our website.
Can I find the teacher materials belonging to Alquin Magazines from previous school years on the Teachers' Section?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We invest a lot in compiling and publishing new magazines. Unlike a method that persists for years, Alquin Magazine is a temporary product, and this is where our strength lies. It allows us to address current themes. A subscription to Alquin Magazine is valid for one year. To ensure that we can continue developing Alquin Magazine in the future, we ask you to renew your subscription each school year and work with the new materials.
I cannot find the teaching materials of the products I have ordered on the Teachers' Section.
In this case, we have not yet linked the correct access rights to your school account. Send us an email at, and we will ensure that you can get started quickly!
How do I access the Teachers' Section?
You can log in to the Teachers' Section with a teacher account. If you do not yet have a teacher account, you can request one on our website. To request a teacher account, you need a school code. After completing the request form, we will manually review your application - this takes up to one working day. Upon approval from our side, you will receive an email allowing you to set up your password."
I am now working at a different school, or some of my colleagues have left. Do I need to report this?
Yes, we would appreciate being informed of changes in the teaching staff. It is important for us to always have the most comprehensive overview of the number of teachers using Alquin at each school. You can notify us of such changes by sending an email to


How do I place an order?
You can place your order through our user-friendly on-line portal. Simply go to and log in on the left side by using your teacher account details. In case you don’t have a teacher account please fill out your details under ‘Order Without Account’. After filling out your details you will enter the order section where you can specify your order. After you have completed the order section you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order.
I would like to place an order for the new school year, but the exact number of students is not yet known.
No problem at all. You can always place a provisional order to ensure that we deliver on time. Once the final number of students is confirmed, please inform us via email at We will then adjust the order accordingly.
I order my Alquin teaching materials through the bookstore. Where can I go for questions or issues regarding my order?
In this case, we recommend reaching out directly to your contact person at the respective bookstore. However, if you have questions about the delivery or if you need any advise on our materials, we are happy to address your inquiries at


When will the regular Alquin Magazines be delivered?
The regular Alquin Magazines are published twice a year:
  • Alquin Magazine No. 1 is released every year in September, right after the summer holidays.
  • Alquin Magazine No. 2 is published every year in January, right after the Christmas break.
When will the special editions be delivered?
Each special edition has its own release date and will remain available indefinitely:
  • Special edition 1, "This is Me," has already been released.
  • Special edition 2, "The Ways of our World," will be released in January 2024.
  • Special edition 3, "The Arts," will be released in September 2024.
For school year 2024-2025 all titles will be available in September, directly after the school holidays.


When will I receive our invoice?
Each school year we send out our invoices around the month of October. At such time student numbers are nearly finalized and numbers do not tend to change anymore. We generally invoice additional orders within a few weeks after their deliveries.
How will I receive my invoice?
You will receive your invoice via e-mail. We will send the invoice to the e-mail address you provided when placing your order.

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