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Discover Alquin Magazine, a comprehensive English-English teaching package designed for upper-level secondary education. Tailored to the globalizing world, our Magazines immerse students in all aspects of the English language. Published twice yearly in Intermediate (ERK A2 and B1 levels) and Advanced (ERK B2 and C1 levels) editions, the topical texts align with your students’ world.

Our standard editions are complemented by special themed releases, featuring texts and didactics focused on specific themes. These themed editions can be purchased separately or as part of an Alquin Magazine subscription.

Crafted by our editorial team, comprising educators and educational experts, each edition is meticulously curated. We develop a diverse and extensive didactic package, always aligned with the relevant ERK levels. Students evolve into proficient second-language users, honing reading comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing skills with each text.

Our didactics are enriched with applied grammar, vocabulary, and creative literature processing exercises. The inclusion of multiple-choice exercises in CSE style familiarizes students with the central exam format, providing robust support for their final exams.

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Alquin Magazine: special editions

In these editions of Alquin Magazine, we carefully curate compelling texts within specific themes, designed to captivate and resonate with the experiences of your students. These texts come with the same comprehensive, didactic package you've come to expect from our regular Alquin Magazines. Unlike the standard issues, these special editions will remain available for the upcoming school years, and each year, we'll introduce new titles. This way, you'll soon have the option to choose from a splendid selection of themed issues, allowing you to decide which themes will be covered in your classroom each year. Our themed editions also come in two variants: Intermediate (featuring texts at CEFR A2 and B1 levels) and Advanced (with texts at CEFR B2 and C1 levels). For the school year 2024-2025, the following titles will be available:
  • This is Me (already released)
  • The Ways of our World (already released)
  • The Arts (coming in September 2024)

The Alquin Archives

The Alquin Archives, a specially crafted digital learning platform designed exclusively for Alquin. Dive into a collection of 100+ texts, ranging from CEFR A2 to C1 levels, featuring educational content from the history of Alquin Magazine. This vibrant environment is perfect for differentiation, digital teaching, or selecting texts that seamlessly align with your curriculum. Unlock the potential of The Alquin Archives with licenses activated through unique school codes, bringing a new dimension to your educational experience.

Exam Training

Alquin Exam Training provides comprehensive support for students in the Netherlands preparing for their final exams. Our Exam Training is tailored to the different educational levels (VMBO-GT, HAVO and VWO). Each Exam Training comprises two essential books. In Book 1, we present 8 to 10 of the most recent final exams, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the exam format they will encounter. This book is dedicated to the exams themselves, ensuring a focused and realistic practice environment. In Book 2, we delve into the intricacies of each exam, providing detailed comments on both correct and incorrect answers. Each text comes with an upfront orientation, a content summary, and a thorough explanation of the questions. This way, students not only understand why a specific answer is correct but also gain insights into why alternative answers are incorrect. Alquin Exam Training is not just about practicing old exams; it's a strategic and insightful approach to exam preparation, equipping students with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in their final exams.


Embark on a literary journey with our captivating series of beautiful, full-color textbooks that delve into the rich tapestry of English literature. Covering the major periods, each booklet is a treasure trove of knowledge, complemented by engaging questions and assignments for every subject. Elevate your teaching experience with test papers and keys, conveniently accessible to educators on the Teachers' Section of our website. This series spans The Middle Ages, Renaissance, 18th Century, The Romantic Period, and 19th Century (presented in two booklets).

Grammar rules OK!!

Discover Grammar Rules OK!!, a comprehensive solution for mastering grammar with ease! This contrastive grammar textbook takes you through all major grammar issues using an accessible, step-by-step approach. Paired with this, we present a dynamic exercise book to reinforce your students' learning experience. In addition to the textbooks, educators gain access to our Teachers' Section of the website. Here they can explore detailed answers to exercises and download test papers — providing the essential tools for effective teaching and comprehensive student understanding.

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