How do I place an order?

You can place your order through our user-friendly on-line portal. Simply go to http://www.alquin.com/order and log in on the left side by using your teacher account details. In case you don’t have a teacher account please fill out your details under ‘Order Without Account’. After filling out your details you will enter the order section where you can specify your order. After you have completed the order section you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order.

I would like to place an order for the upcoming school year, but I do not know the exact number of students yet. Can I already place the order?

Yes, we welcome your order. After you place an initial order we can finalize the numbers of students at a later point. Just send us an e-mail at Alquin@Japak.nl to confirm the final numbers.

I am using a distributor or bookstore to order my Alquin books and subscriptions. Who do I reach out to in case I have any questions or issues?

When you have any question regarding your Alquin books or subscriptions, we advise you to directly contact the distributor or bookstore. In case you have any issues concerning deliveries or when you have any questions concerning content or our on-line portal, we are happy to help you directly.

Logging in and accessibility

I am not an Alquin customer yet. Can I still log onto the Teachers’ Section?

No, access to the Teachers’ Section is exclusively provided to our customers only.

Where can I find my school code?

Your school code can be found on the delivery slip that accompanies your Alquin delivery. In case you lost this notice you can request your school code via http://www.alquin.com/teachers/schoolcode-request. The request is checked by our staff members. When they doubt the authenticity of the request the school code will not be shared. This way we prevent fraud from students.

Can I gain access to Alquin Magazine files from previous school years in the Teachers’ Section?

Unfortunately that is not possible; Alquin Magazine is a periodical that is freshly written and printed 4 times every school year and subscriptions need to be renewed for each new school year.

Does the on-line portal give me access to material from all Alquin products?

No, you will only gain access to the didactic material belonging to the products that you have ordered. For example, when you order Alquin Magazine Advanced you will be able to access the didactic material belonging to our Advanced Magazine, but not the didactic material of our Intermediate Magazine or of our books. These need to be ordered separately.

How do I gain access as a teacher to the Teachers’ Section?

You can create a new account via our Teachers’ Section. You will need your school code in order to do so. After you have filled out your request you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your personalized password.

Do I have to renew my teachers account each school year?

No, this is not necessary for teachers. You will remain registered under the associated school name. When the school places a new order for the upcoming school year, you will maintain your access.

I am working at another school that is also using Alquin. Should I share this information?

Yes, we urge you to share this information, so we can make sure you always have access to the required files on-line. Next to that, it is important for us to always have a complete overview of the number of teachers working with Alquin at each school. Please share your modifications by sending an e-mail to Alquin@Japak.nl.


When will the Alquin Magazines be delivered?

There are four respective moments of delivery, one for each Alquin Magazine edition. The first edition is delivered on the first Monday after the summer holiday period ends (where we take into account the holiday schedule of the region your school is situated in). The second edition is delivered after the autumn holiday period, the third at the beginning of January after the Christmas holiday period and the fourth at the beginning of March after the spring holiday period. The exact dates will be published on our website.


Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

No, your subscription ends after each school year and you will need to place a new order to renew it.

Is it possible to order one subscription only or do I need to take into account a minimum order quantity?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to only buy one subscription. For schools in the Netherlands we apply a minimum order quantity of 30 subscriptions. For schools in Belgium we apply a minimum order quantity of 20 subscriptions.


When do I receive my invoice?

Invoices covering your order for the new school year are sent at the end of September each year. For additional orders during the year we will send invoices during the first week of the month after you have placed your order.

Is it possible to look up my invoices on-line?

We send out our invoices by post or by e-mail. You can select your preferred method when you place your order. The invoices cannot be found on-line.